Gynecology Specialists of Philadelphia

Discharge Instructions for Inpatient Surgery

What to expect: You may experience abdominal/pelvic discomfort and cramping, vaginal bleeding or spotting for up to two weeks, and brown or yellow-colored vaginal discharge. These symptoms are normal, as your body continues healing from surgery. Please contact the office if you notice the following: severe abdominal/pelvic pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea and vomiting, or a fever over 100.5

Diet: You may resume a regular diet once you are discharged. To avoid constipation, try to stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water

Medications: You may resume all of your regular medications unless otherwise instructed. You have been discharged with the following pain medications:

  • Percocet/ Dilaudid or Tylenol #3: take 1-2 pills every 4 hours as need for pain
  • Colace: take 1 pill twice a day to prevent constipation

Wound Care: You may shower normally and wash over your incision site(s) gently with soap and water. Do NOT apply any creams or lotions to your incision site(s). You may have some small bandage strips covering your incision – these will fall off within 10 days. If the strips do not fall off on their own, you may gently peel them off. Try to keep your incision(s) dry and open to the air when possible

Constipation: It is extremely common to experience constipation after surgery. You may take Milk of Magnesia (available over-the-counter) as directed at the first signs of constipation (bloating/cramping-like pain). Make sure to drink plenty of water. In addition, you may add Metamucil (available over-the-counter) as directed to water in order to prevent constipation. Do NOT strain heavily to have a bowel movement, as this can occasionally cause internal bleeding

Activity: You are encouraged to walk around your home. You may go up and down stairs as long as you use the handrail. Do not have intercourse, wear tampons, or douche. You should avoid driving, heavy lifting, and exercise until after your post-operative appointment

Your next office visit: Please call the office at 215-662-9775 to schedule a post-operative appointment in the next 3 weeks