Gynecology Specialists of Philadelphia

Outpatient Laparoscopic Procedure

You had an Outpatient Laparoscopic procedure.

You have some small incisions on your abdomen that are covered with bandages. You may remove those bandages tomorrow and resume normal showers tomorrow.

What to Expect: You may have some abdominal discomfort and cramping. You may have vaginal bleeding similar to a period. You should call the office if: you have severe pain, nausea and vomiting, a temperature >100.4 or very heavy vaginal bleeding.

Medications: You have been sent home with a prescription for pain medication. You may take 1-2 pills every four hours as needed for pain. You should resume all your normal medications.

Wound Care: You should be able to shower normally and wash over you incision(s) gently with soap and water. Do NOT apply any creams or lotions to your incision sites. You may have some small paper strips covering your incisions—these will fall off in approximately 10 days. If these strips do not fall off—you may gently peel them off your incisions in 10 days. Try to keep your incisions dry and open to the air when possible.

Activity: I encourage you to walk around the house. You may go up and down the stairs as needed. You may drive when you are no longer requiring pain medications. Do not have sex, douche or wear tampons for two weeks. You should avoid all heavy lifting and exercise until after your post-op office visit.

Your Next Office Visit: Please call the office at 215-662-9775 to schedule a post-operative visit in 2 weeks.